Our Story

Ardagh Financial was founded in 1978 by our father. Since then, we have built upon his legacy to establish a firm that focuses on the act of providing transparency to wealth management. We believe in educating our clients, so we host free investment forums for their benefit. We believe in catering specialized solutions to unique needs, so we expanded our team to broaden the breadth of our expertise.

Over the years, we have received new clients who were confused about their previous fee structures, uninformed on the investment vehicles they purchased, and dissatisfied with the lack of communication from their previous advisors. To give them a better experience for making clear financial decisions, we made transparency our principle. Furthermore, we initiated portfolio reviews with them on a regular basis, and offered them the knowledge they need to understand the investment world.

We do these things for our clients, because we know transparency is the foundation of trust.

What is Our Process?

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